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This website provides information on rental housing managed by our company and our partners. This is not a school dormitory directly operated by the school. Also, this is not an advertisement for recruitment of tenants. Please contact us for the latest information.

This website provides information on rental housing managed by our company and our partners. This is not a school dormitory directly operated by the school. Also, this is not an advertisement for recruitment of tenants. Please contact us for the latest information.

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Kyoto Hyogo Chiba Saitama Osaka Miyagi Aichi Tokyo Shiga Kanagawa Fukuoka 81ACTOR'S STUDIO Advanced School for Technomists Advanced School for Technomists Be-STAFF MAKE-UP UNIVERSAL Dental Education School ECC College of Beauty & Style ECC COLLEGE OF COMPUTER AND MULTIMEDIA ECC KOKUSAI COLLEGE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES BUSINESS & PUBULIC OFFICER COLLEGE ESP ENTERTAINMENT OSAKA ESP ENTERTAINMENT TOKYO ESP/GUITAR CRAFT ACADEMY Fuchigami Medical Welfare College G&E BUSINESS SCHOOL HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design ICS COLLEGE OF ARTS Ochanomizu medical welfare college JTB TOURISM BUSINESS COLLEGE K-two Nail School KADOKAWA Anime/Voice Actor Academy KADOKAWA Manga Academy KCS Fukuoka Information College MEDIC TOMAS MEDIC Meimonkai MJ JAPANESE EDUCATION ACADEMY NIPPON TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF BARBER & BEAUTY Nippon Technical College Of Barber & Beauty New Star Creation ?? MIYAGI CYUO GAKUEN TCA TOKYO COLLEGE of ECO & ANIMALS TOKYO ENGLISH SPECIALISTS COLLEGE Tokyo Medical Prep School Aichi Business College Aichi Welfare Medical College AICHI ZOKEI DESIGN COLLEGE Ekisai Nursing College KTC-school Ochanomizu University Suidobata Art Academy Naniwa Dental Hygiene College Funabashi Art School AQUA Hairdressing & Beauty College Afloat Total Beauty College AFLOAT School Amusement Media Institute, Ebisu, Tokyo Aliare Beauty College Ardent Beauty College Ardent Beauty College IMS YOKOHAMA INTERNATIONAL NURSING SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL AIR ACADEMY EAST WEST COLLEGE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES Travel Journal Educational Foundation ECOLE TSUJI TOKYO ESMODJAPON Kikuchi College of Optometry CASTWELL Hotel & Bridal College CAT MUSIC COLLEGE CLARK Memorial International High School glamour Glamour College of Beauty Gregg International College KOSE Beauty Academy Sun Design College System Toyo Gaigo J Hair Makeup College Sports Wellness Medical Academy Central Beautist College Iwatani College of Business & IT School TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Digital Arts Tokyo Digital Hollywood University TOFL Seminar TOYOTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE TOKYO TOYOTA AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING COLLEGE OF KOBE rident College of_ Information Technology TRIDENT College of Design Trident College of Languages, Hotel and Bridal TORIN SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN Dressmaker Gakuin Nagano Welfare Dental College NAMBA PET BEAUTY COLLEGE NAMBA PET BEAUTY COLLEGE NICHIEI COOKING COLLEGE NIC International College in Japan HAPPY CONFECTIONARY & COOKERY PROFESSIONAL TRAINING COLLEGE MAY USHIYAMA HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY VANTAN CREATOR ACADEMY Vantan Game Academy Vantan Tech Ford Academy Vantan Design Institute Hiko Mizuno college of Jewelry OSAKA Human Academy VISUAL ARTS OSAKA Visual Arts Osaka BEAUTY ARTS KOBE Professional University of Beauty & Wellness DOREME Instituto of Fashion and Bunka pharma products Felicia College of chilidhood Education Ferris University Fromhand Makeup Academy HARAJUKU Belle epoque Honda Technical College Kanto Mary Louis Beauty School Marronnier College of Fashion Design MIKIYA CREE LIMAGE All Rights Reserved Mikiya Cree Limage Miss Paris Academy Miss Paris Beauty College Muse,Academy of music Medical trn Medical Forest Medical Lab Medisense meduca pass YAMAZAKI GAKUEN Yamazaki University of Animal Health Technology Yamazaki Professional College of Animal Health Technology Universal Beauty College UBIK York Global Business Academy Liberty Pet Care College Japan Lutheran College Le TOA JAPAN LECOLE VANTAN LECOLE VANTAN Watanabe Entertainment College VENUS ACADEMY Vert Rouge Beauty College Hitotsubashi University Sophia University Sophia UniversityJunior College Division UEDA College OF FASHION Ueno Law and Business College Setagaya Central College of Nursing NAKANOSHIMA ART SCHOOL Chukyo University Chuo Nursing Care and Welfare College CHUO Animal College Chuo University CHUO COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY OSAKA Chunichi Beauty College NAKAMURA INTERNATIONAL HOTEL SCHOOL Nakamura Gakuen University Nakamura Gakuen University Junior College Nakamura culinary school Chubu Rehabilitation College Chubu University CHUBU TECHNICAL ACADEMY OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Chubu Nursing Collage Chubu-biyou Nakano School of Business kyusyu school business Kyushu Designer Gakuin KYUSHU VISUAL ARTS Kyushu University kyusyu institute of tourism kyusyu electric college Ryotokuji University Nishogakusha University Asia University Keiyo Nursing Care and Welfare College Kyotoymcagakuen Art School of Kyoto Kyoto Computer Gakuin KYOTO DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY Kyoto Notre Dame University ACADEMIE DE BALLET DE KYOTO Kyoto College of Hotel, Tourism & Bridal Management Kyoto Chuo Nursing and Health College Kyoto Butsugen Education School Kyoto College of Health and Hygiene Kyoto University of Advanced Science Kyoto Koka Women’s University Kyoto Koka Women’s College Kyoto Civil Service & IT Accounting College Kyoto Animal College KYOTO IKEN KANSAIFUKUSIGAKUEN Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Kyoto Career College of Foreign Languages Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages Kyoto University Kyoto Women’s University Kyoto Institute of Technology Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Kyoto Prefectural University Kyoto University of Education kyoto cultural medical college Kyoto Bunkyo University Kyoto Tachibana University Kyoto College of Dental Hygienists & Technicians Kyoto College of Dental Hygiene Kyoto Barber & Beauty College Kyoto Sangyo University Kyoto College of Nursing Kyoto Seika University KYOTO BEAUTY COLLEGE Kyoto Arts And Crafts University Kyoto Computer Gakuin Automobile School Kyoto Institute of Design Kyoto Kacho University Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Kyoto Pastry & Bakery Art College Kyoto Culinary Art College University of Human Environments University of Human Arts And Sciences Sendai College of Eco and Animals SendaiYMCAGakue Sendai Child Career College Sendai Wedding & Bridal College Sendai Sweets & Cafe Career College Sendai School of Music and Dance SENDAI VOCATIONAL COLLEGE OF DESIGN Sendai College of Design and Technology Sendai Beauty Art College Sendai Hairmake College Sendai College of Health and Welfare Sendai College of Medical Health and Sports Sendai Iryo Fukushi Vocational College Sendai College of Medical Secretary & Welfare Sendai Ohara Bookkeeping Information Public Service College Sendai Vocational Cooleege of Engineering Sendai Medical Association College of Nursing Sendai Early Childhood Education College Sendai Bonesetting College of Medical Science SENRIBI Sendai Comprehensive Business Civil Service College Sendai Comprehensive Pet College AKAMON Oriental Medical College Sendai College of Eco and Animals. Sendai Seiyo Gakuin Yoyogi Animation academy YOYOGI SEMINAR FORMATIVE ARTS SCHOOL SUMIDA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY SPECIALIST Saiki Nutrition College Bukkyo University syuseitechnicalcollege Shubun University Shubun University Junior College OHTAKE NUTRITION COLLEGE public emplayee graduate school of business Global EYE Kyoritsu Women’s University Hyogo College of Medicine Soka University Soka Women’s College sokei art academy SOZOSHA COLLEGE OF DESIGN Kitakyushu Preparatory School Kitasato University ACE Academy Medical School Preparatory School Big Bang (Medical Preparatory School) INTEGRA School of Medicine Special Training School Preparatory school for medical doctor's national examination MEC Medical Business College Medical Business Tourism Welfare College medic-yobikou Jumonji University Chiba Child Career College Chiba Designer Gakuin Chiba Beauty & Bridal College Chiba Mode Business College Chiba Central Nursing Schoo Chiba School of Nursing National Hospital Organization Chiba Medical Center Chiba College of Medical Secretary Welfare & IT Chiba University of Commerce Chiba University Chiba Women's College Chiba Institute of Technology Chiba Information Accounting College Keiai University Chiba Nikken Technical College Chiba Meitoku College Chiba Prefectural University of Health Sciences CATS Chiba Keizai University Chiba Keizai College Chiba Beauty School Chiba Cookery College Senri Kinran University Nanzan University ATSUGI School of Nursing Atsugi General College PROFESSIONAL AND VOCATIONAL COLLEAGEOF CONTECTIONARY Doshisha University Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts Doho University NAGOYA COLLEGE OF ECO & ANIMALS NAGOYA NSC COLLEGE Nagoya Child Career College NAGOYA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS NAGOYA SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DANCE NAGOYA DESIGNER GAKUIN Nagoya College of Design and Technology NVA Nagoya Beauty Art College Nagoya fashion college NAGOYA BRIDAL BEAUTY Nagoya MODE GAKUEN College of Fashion & Design Nagoya Humanitec Dental Hygienist Nagoya Humanitec Cuisine & Sweets Nagoya Resort & Sports College RISSHISHA ANIMAL COLLEGE NAGOYA IKEN SPORTS. Nagoya College of Medical Secretary Welfare & IT Nagoya University of Commerce & Business International Professional University of Technology in Nagoya Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Nagoya College of Foreign Languages Nagoya University Nagoya Women’s University Nagoya Gakuin University Nagoya Institute of Technology Nagoya City University Nagoya Heisei College of Nursing and Medical Care Nagoya Bunka Gakuen Nursery and Kindergarten Teacher’s College Nagoya Future Culture College College of Nagoya Bunri University NAGOYA BUNRI NUTRITION COLLEGE Nagoya Future Technical College Nagoya Ryujo Junior College Nagoya Nutrition College NAOYA DENTAL MEDICAL COLLEGE NaRiBi Nagoya College Nagoya Welfare College NAGOYA MANAGEMENT & ACCONTING COLLEGE Nagoya University of Economics Nagoya Sougou Biyou College NAGOYA BIYO Nagoya University of The Arts École de Pāisserie de Nagoya Nagoya Institute of Tourism Nagoya College of Agriculture, Horticulture and Food Technology Nagoya Tsuji Gakuen Culinary College Nagoya Zokei University of Art ; Design Nagoya Acupuncture Moxibustion School Nagoya College of Music Meijo University MEITETSU NURSING SCHOOL Kuretake Gakuen WAKO UNIVERSITY Izumi Junior College Wayo Women’s University SHINAGAWA School of Community Care Worker Kaetsu University Shitennoji University SHIJONAWATE COLLEGE OF NURSING Shijonawate Gakuen University Shijonawate Gakuen Junior College Yotsuya Gakuin Kokushikan University NATIONAL COLLEGE OF NURSING,JAPAN Kunitachi Music Academy EstheticCollege International Travel Hotel Bridal College Professional Institute of International Fashion Seishin Gakuen International Multi-Business College International Animal Health&Management College International College of Medical Technology International University of Health and Welfare International Medical and Welfare College International Christian University KOKUSAIBUNKA TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF HAIRDESIGN KOKUSAI hair dressing&BEAUTY art vocational COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE Kokusai Junior College Kokusai confectionery college International licensed cook college Kokusai Electronic Accounting College Kokugakuin University Sonoda Women’s University Sonoda Women’s College Josai International University Saitama University Saitama Gakuen University COLLEGE of BUSINESS and COMMUNICATION Tama University Tama Art University Ohara Sports Civil Service College Fukuoka Campus Ohara Sports & Medical Health College Ohara Travel Hotel Bridal College Ohara Business Civil Service College Ohara Nursery Medical Welfare College Fukuoka Campus Ohara Medical Care and Nursing Welfare College Chiba Campus Ohara Medical Welfare Confectionery College Umeda Campus Ohara Medical Secretary Welfare Nursing College Ohara Medical Secretary Welfare College Ohara Foreign Language Tourism & Bridal Beauty College Ohara Law College Ohara Bookkeeping Business College Fukuoka Campus Ohara Bookkeeping Public Servant Medical Welfare and Child Care College Tachikawa Campus Ohara Bookkeeping Civil Service College Chiba Campus Ohara Bookkeeping Medical Secretary Civil Service College Ohara Bookkeeping School Ohara Bookkeeping College Osaka Campus Ohara Bookkeeping College Kobe Campus Ohara Bookkeeping Information Medical College Ohara Bookkeeping Law College Ohara Bookkeeping Law College Umeda Campus Ohara Bookkeeping Law College Umeda Campus Daido University Yamato University Otsuma Women’s University Otsuma Women’s University Junior College Division Omiya Sweets & Cafe Career College Otemae University OMULA Daito Bunka University Omori Home Economics College Taisho University Otake Nutrition College Otani University Otani University Junior College OSAKA COLLEGE OF ECO & ANIMALS Osaka IT Programming & Accounting College The Osaka YMCA Osaka Child Career College OSAKA ANIMATION COLLEGE Osaka Amusement Media College Osaka Wedding & Bridal College Osaka College of Agri Tech,Horti Tech and Food Tech OSAKA SCHOOL OF MUSIC OSAKA SCHOOL OF MUSIC OSAKA DANCE & ACTORS SCHOOL OSAKA DANCE & ACTORS SCHOOL Osaka Theme Park Dance College OSAKA DESIGNERS' COLLEGE OSAKA DESIGNERS' COLLEGE Osaka College of High Technology Osaka Bio-Medical College Osaka Bio-Medical College OSAKA BUSINESS COLLEGE OSAKA BUSINESS COLLEGE Osaka Beauty Art College Osaka Bridal College Bremen School BELēBEL BELēBEL JIKEI School of HOSPITALITY Osaka College of Foreign Languages, Hotel and Airline Osaka MODE GAKUEN College of Fashion & Design Osaka College of Rehabilitation Osaka University of Human Sciences Osaka Health and Welfare College Osaka nursery school and child education vocational school Osaka Animal palant&Ocean college RISSHISHA ANIMAL COLLEGE Osaka ISEN College of Medical Care & Welfare Osaka Medical and Dental College OSAKA COLLEGE OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY osakaihuku Osaka College of Medical Secretary Welfare & IT Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University Osaka University of Commerce Osaka International University Osaka Yuhigaoka Gakuen College Osaka College of Foreign Languages Osaka University Osaka Jogakuin University Osaka Jogakuin College Osaka Gakuin University Osaka Gakuin Junior College Osaka Institute of Technology OSAKA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Osaka Information and Computer Science College Osaka Information Technology Creator College Osaka Information Technology Creator College Osaka Seikei University Osaka Seikei College Osaka Kyoiku University Osaka College of Education and Welfare OSAKA INSTITUTE OF FASHION Osaka Shoin Women’s University Osaka Dental Institute College Osaka Dental Institute College Osaka Dental Hygienist College Osaka Dental Hygienist College Osaka Dental Hygiene College Osaka Law and Civil Service College Osaka Saiseikai Nakatsu Nursing College Osaka Sangyo University SHATAI OSAKA SPORTS COLLAEGE SHATAI OSAKA SPORTS COLLAEGE Osaka University of Economics Osaka University of Economics and Law Osaka Sogo College of Design OSAKA SOGOU COLLEGE OF WELFARE Osaka Automobile College Osaka Aviation College Osaka University of Arts Osaka College of Art Osaka University of Arts Junior College Osaka Yukioka College of Health Science OSAKA INSTITUTE OF TOURISM Travel Journal Educational Foundation OSAKA ELECTRONICS PROFESSIONAL TRAINING COLLEGE Kansai Gaidai University Osaka Aoyama University Osaka College of Music Osaka College of Eco & Animal Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(Kobe) Taisei Gakuin University Kagawa Nutrition University Junior College of Kagawa Nutrition University Joshibi University of Art And Design Joshibi College of Art And Design Gakushuin University Gakushuin Women’s College Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care Takarazuka University TAKARAZUKAKANGO Jissen Women’s University Jissen Women’s Junior College Miyagi University of Education MIYAGI BUNKA FUKUSO COLLEGE Miyagi Cooking and Confectionery College Fuji Gakuin Senshu University New International college of welfare CHIBA COMPANION ANIMALS&FLOWER SCHOOL Vocational school Animal Inter College Art College KOBE Ebisu Beauty College COMPUTER KYOIKU GAKUIN CENTRAL TRIMING ACADEMY co DIGITAL ARTS SENDAI MUSICIANS INSTITUTE TOKYO Miyagi Advanced Dental Hygienist College Nippon Designer Academy of Fine Arts Japan Railway & Sports Business College 21 TOKYO ANNOUNCE GAKUIN Performing Arts College TOKYO SEIYU KOKUSAI ACADEMY Kadan Automotive Technical College Aoyama Fashion College KOIDE BEAUTY COLLEGE Odawara Junior College Kosaka Hospital school of nursing SHOBI College of Music Shobi University amaRiBi RISEISHA RISEISHA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND SPORT Yamate Cooking and Confectionery College Sannoh Nursing College YAMAWAKI DESIGN YAMANO BEAUTY COLLEGE Yamano College of Aesthetics Iwatani Gakuen Artistic B Yokohama Beauty College Kyoto Saga University of Arts Kyoto Saga Art College Kawaguchi Junior College Kawasaki City College of Nursing Kawamura Gakuen Woman’s University Kogakuin University Teikyo University Teikyo University Junior College Teikyo Heisei University Teikyo Junior College Teikyo University of Science Teikyo High School of Nursing Heian Jogakuin st.Agnes University HEISEI COLLEGE OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES KOUKOKU DESIGN PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL Keisen University Institute of Information Security Information Science College Aijinkai Nursing and Midwifery School Aikoku Gakuen University Aiseikai Nursing school Aicoh School of Liberal Art Aichi Medical College Aichi Medical University Aichi University Aichi Gakuin University Institute of Dental Technology,Aichi Gakuin University Junior College Aichi Gakuin University Aichi Institute of Technology Aichi Bunkyo Women’s College Aichi Shukutoku University Aichi Prefectural General Nursing College AIBI Jikei Kashiwa Nursing School Jikei Nursing School Jikei Daisan Nursing School Keishukai Keio University Seijo University Seikei University Toita Women’s College Takushoku University Setsunan University The Open University of Japan Broadcasting Arts College Broadcasting Arts College Keiai University Bunkyo Gakuin University Bunka Gakuen University Bunka Fashion College Bunkyo University Shin-osaka Colleege of Dental Technology Shin-Osaka Dental Hygienist College Shinjuku Medical College ena Bijyutsu Shin-Tokyo Dental Technician School SHIN TOKYO DENTAL HYGIENIST SCHOOL Nitobe Bunka College nihonwellness Japan Wellness Dental Hygienist College Nihon Computer Professional Training College NIPPON DESIGNERS SCHOOL NIPPON DESIGNER ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS NIPPON DESIGN WELFARE COLLEGE Nihon Pet & Animal College JHS NIPPON MANGA ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS Japan MotorSports College Japan MotorSports College Japan Rehabilitation College Nippon Sport Science University Nippon Sport Science University Medical College Japan Juvenile Education College NIPPON PHOTOGRAPHY INSTITUTE College of Analytical Chemistry Japan Japan Judo Therapy,Acupuncture & Moxibustion Therapy College Nihon College of Health Care Services Japan Medical College JAPAN COLLEGE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES Nihon University Nihon University Nursing School Nihon University Junior College Japan Women’s College of Physical Education Japan Women’s University JAPAN JEWELRY Craft SCHOOL NIHON KOGAKUIN NIHON KOGAKUIN Nihon Bunka University Japan Institute of The Moving Image SHIBUYA BIIJUTSU GAKUIN Japan Dental College THE JAPAN WELDING TECHNOLOGY CENTER Nippon Veterinary And Life Science University kamei gakuen Nihon Science and Information Technology Professional Training College Japan College of Social Work Nihon Fukushi University Nihon Fukushi University Chuo College of Social Services Nippon Welfare Education College Japan University of Economics Nichibi Japan Academy of Hearing and Language Welfare JNC Nichigei NIHON-KASHI College Nihon Pharmaceutical University Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing RISSHISHA RAILWAY COLLEGE The Japan School of Acupuncture , Moxibustion and Physiotherapy・The Japan School of Judo-Seifuku Therapy Japan Electronics College NISSAN Automobile Technical College Yokohama Waseda Yobiko WASEDA DENTAL HYGIENIST SCHOOL Waseda Foreign Languages College Waseda University WASEDA BEAUTY COLLEGE Waseda-Sokki Welfare & Medical Institute Meisei University Meiji University Meiji Gakuin University Meikai University AKEMI BUNKA COSTUME COLLEGE Seijoh University Seijoh Rehabilitatiion Academy Hoshi University Showa Medical Technology College Showa University Showa University School of Nursing Showa Women’s University Showa Pharmaceutical University Showa University of Music Showa College of Music JAPAN TOKYO HATTORI NUTRITION COLLEGE Sugino Fashion College Kyorin University TOA Accounting Professional Training College Tokyo IT Programming & Accounting College Tokyo YMCA Medical Welfare College Tokyo YMCA International Hotel College Tokyo Child Career College Tokyo Academy TOKYO COLLEGE OF ANIME&E-SPORTS TOKYO ANIMATION COLLEGE Tokyo Animator Academy College Tokyo Wedding Hotel College Tokyo Wedding & Bridal College Technos College TOKYO COOL JAPAN Tokyo Global Business School TOKYO COMMUNICATION ARTS TOKYO COLLEGE OF CYCLE DESIGN Tokyo School of Music Shibuya TOKYO SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DANCE TOKYO SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Tokyo College of Sports and Recreation Tokyo College of Dance and Acting Tokyo Technical College TOKYO DESIGNER GAKUIN TOKYO DESIGN TECHNOLOGY CENTER TOKYO DESIGN ACADEMY Tokyo College of Biotechnology TOKYO VISUAL ARTS Tokyo Beauty Art College Tokyo Beauty & Bridal College TOKYO FILM CENTER SCHOOL OF ARTS Travel Journal Educational Foundation Tokyo Bremen Animal College Tokyo Bay College TOKYO Belle ēpoque TOKYO MAX COLLEGE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY Tokyo Multi・AI College Tokyo College of Medical Sports Tokyo Medical College Tokyo MODE GAKUEN College of Fashion & Design Tokyo Central Japanese Language School Tokyo college of Transport Studies TOKYO PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES TOKYO COLLEGE OF WELLNESS SCIENCES Tokyo Wildlife College Tokyo College of Medhical Technology Tokyo Healthcare University University of Tokyo Health Sciences Tokyo Medical College Tokyo Medical Treatment Welfare Vocational School Tokyo Professional University of Health Sciences Tokyo Medical Secretary Welfare College Tokyo Medical University Tokyo Medical And Dental University TOKYO COLLEGE OF MEDICO-PHARMACO-NURSING TECHNOLOGY tokyo international exchange college Tokyo International University International Professional University of Technology in Tokyo Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Tokyo Foreign Language College The University of Tokyo Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education Tokyo Women’s Junior College of Physical Education Tokyo Women’s Medical University Tokyo Women’s Medical University Nursing School Tokyo Woman's Christian University Tokyo Gakugei University Tokyo Kasei University Tokyo Kasei Junior College Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University Tokyo Fuji University Tokyo Yamate Culinary College Tokyo Kogakuin College Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo University of Technology Tokyo Technical College Tokyo Polytechnic University TOKYO SHINRI ONGAKURYOUHOU FUKUSHI SENMONGAKKOU Tokyo University of Information Sciences The Jikei University School of Medicine Tokyo Seitoku College Tokyo Kyoiku Senmon Gakkou Tokyo Shinjuku Medical Center Affiliated Nursing School Tokyo Nikken Technical College TOKYO HINO INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE TOKYO FILMCENTER COLLEGE OF ARTS TOKYO MOVIE SCHOOL Tokyo Ariake University of Medical And Health Sciences TOKYO FASHION ART COLLEGE Tokyo Future University Tokyo Future University Welfare and Child Care College Kyobun College of Tokyo Judo Therapy TOKYO SHOKURYO DIETITIAN ACADEMY Tokyo Dental College TOKYO DENTAL COLLEGE Tokyo Dental Hygiene College Tokyo Law and Civil Service College Tokyo University of Marine Science And Technology Tokyo University of Science Tokyo Union Theological Seminary Sunshine College Tokyo welfare nursery school Tokyo University of Social Welfare Tokyo College of Welfare Tokyo Tachikawa Children's College Tokyo Tachikawa Dental Hygiene College Tokyo Rissho Junior College Tokyo Junshin University Tokyo Management College Tokyo Keizai University tokyo college of photography Tokyo Sogo Beauty School Tokyo Academy of Hairdressing&Beauty Tokyo Seiei College TOKYO AUTOMOBILE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL tokyo-geinou-highscool Tokyo University of The Arts Tokyo University of Pharmacy And Life Sciences EISEI GAKUEN EDUCATIONAL CORPORATION ECOLE DE PATISSERIE DE TOKIO TOKYO INSTITUTE OF TOURISM Tokyo Seishin Technical College for Cooking Tokyo Culinary and Confectionary arts Academy Tokyo University of Agriculture And Technology Tokyo University of Agriculture Tokyo Zokei University Tokyo City University Tokyo Metropolitan Minamitama College of Nursing Tokyo Metropolitan University Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tokyo Metropolitan Ebara College of Nursing TOKYO ELECTRONICS COLLEGE Tokyo Denki University Tokyo College of Music Tohoku Children's Welfare College Tohoku Medical Care College Tohoku medical examination seminar Tohoku Medical And Pharmaceutical University TOHOKU FOREIGN LANGUAGE & TOURISM COLLEGE Tohoku University Tohoku Gakuin University Tohoku Institute of Technology Tohoku Aiken College Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University Tohoku Bunka Gakuen College Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka Junior College Tohoku Fukushi University Tohoku Computer College Higashiosaka College Higashiosaka Junior College TOHO GAKUEN TOHO GAKUEN Film Techniques Training College TOHOGAKUEN HIGH SCHOOL TOYO Kimono Technical College TOYO PUBLIC HEALTH COLLEGE Toyo Medical college Toyo University Toyo Gakuen University TOYO COLLEGE OF HAIR DESIGNER Toyo Eiwa University TOYO LANGUAGE SCHOOL Toyo Acupuncture and Moxibustion College Toyo College of Food Technology Tokai College of Medical Sciences Tokai University Toho University TOHO Dental College TOHO COLLEGE OF MUSIC TOHO JUNIOR COLLEGE OF MUSIC TOUTOREHA Tohto university Shochiku Geino TalentSchool Shoin University Momoyama Gakuin University Toho Gakuen School of Music Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music Toin University of Yokohama KUWASAWA DESIGN SCHOOL J.F.Oberlin University Ohkagakuen University Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences MIRINOMIYA COLLEGE OF MEDICAL ARTS AND SCIENCES UEKUSA GAKUEN JUNIOR COLLEGE Sugiyama Jogakuen University Yokohama YMCA College Yokohama Children's College Yokohama Sweets & Cafe Career College Yokohama Design College Yokohama Digital Arts College Yokohama Beauty & Bridal College Yokohama Fashion Design YOKOHAMA MUSIC SCHOOL Yokohama Resort & Sports College YOKOREHA Yokohama Central Nursing School Yokohama College of Nursing & Welfare YOKOHAMA PUBLIC SERVANT & IT ACCOUNTING COLLEGE YOKOHAMA COLLEGE OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES Yokohama Medical Secretary College Yokohama College of Commerce Yokohama College of Nursing Careers Yokohama City University Yokohama Nikken Technical College )Yokohama College of Dental Care & Health Sciences YOKOHAMA ACADEMY SCHOOL for barber and beautician Yokohama University of Art and Design Yokohama University of Pharmacy Yokohama College of Higher Education Yokohama f College Mukogawa Women's University Mukogawa Women’s University Junior College Division Takeda Medical Ishinkan Musashi University Musashino University MUSASHINO NUTRITION COLLEGE Musashino Art University Musashino Culinary Institute Musashino Academia Musicae EDOGAWA GAKUEN OTAKANOMORI COLLEGE Ikenobo Junior College Ikem Tokyo Medical College Kawaijuku Educational Institution Hosei University Senzoku Junior College of Childhood Education Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Tsuda University University of Marketing And Distribution Sciences Ryutsu Keizai University ASANO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Urawa University Shukutoku University Seikeikai Medical College Seisen University i-seifu SIBUYA FASHION&ART COLLEGE hibuya Institute of Foreign Languages Shibuya Bijutsu Gakuin Minatogawa College Shohoku College SHO-OH LIFE SCIENCE Shiga University of Medical Science DOKKYO UNIVERSITY Tamagawa University Nagoya College of Physical & Occupational therapy College of Industrial Technology Sanno University Den-en Chofu University Konan University Konan Women’s University Koshien University Koshien Junior College Machida Design College MACHIDA COLLEGE OF CHILD&CARE WELFARE MACHIDA COLLEGE OF BEAUTY Machida Confectionery College MACHIDA COLLEGE OF CULINARY ART Shiraume Gakuen College Shirayuri University Mejiro Fashion Art College Mejiro University Soai University SOAI University(Nanko) Sagami Women’s University Sagami Women’s Junior College MANO BEAUTY COLLEGE Kanagawa University Kanagawa Institute of Technology KOBE YMCA Kobe Fashion Institute Bremen Schoolかな? BELēBEL Kobe College of Rehabilitation &Health Kobe Motomachi Childcare College Kobe Motomachi Medical Secretary College Kobe Animals-and-plants environmental college Kobe University of Welfare Kobe College of Medical Welfare Kobe International University ecolecp Kobe University Kobe Women’s University Kobe Women’s Junior College Kobe College Kobe Gakuin University Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Kobe City College of Nursing Kobe Tokiwa University・Kobe Tokiwa Junior College Kobe Institute of Computing - Graduate School of Information Technology Kobe College Of Education Kobe Shoin Women’s University Kobe Kaisei College KOBE Barber Beauty College KOBE Co-Medical College Kobe Design University Kobe Pharmaceutical University kobe seika Kobe Shinwa University Kobe Shinwa Women’S University Kobe Institute of Computing - College of Computing Kanda University of International Studies Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages FUKUOKA COLLEGE OF ECO & ANIMAL Fukuoka Childcare College FUKUOKA COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Fukuoka School of CULINARY ARTS FUKUOKA SCHOOL OF MUSIC&DANCE FUKUOKA DESIGN SCHOOL FUKUOKA COLLEGE OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY Fukuoka Visionary Arts Fukuoka Beauty Art College FUKUOKA Belle epoque Fukuoka Resort & Sports College Vocational school Fukuoka Rehabilitation College Fukuoka Nursing Welfare College FUKUOKA IKEN Fukuoka College of Medical Secretary & Welfare Fukuoka University Fukuoka Tenjin Medical Rehabilitation Academy Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University FUKUOKA JO GAKUIN UNIVERSITY JUNIOR COLLEGE Fukuoka Information IT Creator College Fukuoka Dental Hygienist College FUKUBI Fukuoka Culinary Academy Shumei University KUBOTA BEAUTY&HAIRDRESSING COLLEGE Ritsumeikan University Rikkyo University Rissho University Daiichi Institute of Technology Daiichi University of Pharmacy Yoneyama Fashion Business Yoneda Judo therapy College Seika Women’s Junior College Junshin Gakuen University Junshin Junior College Human Academy Human Academy Oda Kimono College Oda Fashion College Oda Confectionery College Oda Cooking College Hagoromo University of International Studies Narashino Culinary Institute St. Cecilia Women’s Junior College St.Marianna University School of Medicine St.Marianna University Nursing School Seiwa Junior College Seigakuin University University of The Sacred Heart, Tokyo St.Luke’s International University POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY ecolecp Shigakkan University Shiseikan University Butai Geijyutsu Gakuin Funabashi Joho-Bijinesu College of Technology Shibaura Institute of Technology Ashiya University Hanazono University SOEN CHILDCARE COLLEGE HANA College Of Nutrition HANA Fashion College Takatsu Nursing School Medisere Real Education Company IGAKU ACADEMY Aino University Aino University Junior College Fujita Health University Yukioka School of Allied Health Professions Nishinomiya Medical Association Nursing School NISHINIHON ACADEMY AIRLINE COLLEGE NISHINIHON HAIRMAKE COLLEGE NISHI-TOKYO Culinary Arts College Seibu Gakuen College of Medical Technology Bunri University of Hospitality Seibu Culinary Art College Nishizawa Gakuen Medical Esthe College NISHIZAWA GAKUEN NISHIZAWA GAKUEN NISHIZAWA GAKUEN Nishitetsu International Business College Yomiuri College of Medicine and Welfare YOMIURI COLLEGE OF CAR MECHANIC Teisei Gakuen Junior College SHISEIDO BEAUTY ACADEMY Akahori College of Confectionery akamon AUTOMOBILE TECHNICAL COLLEGE Atomi University TSUJI Nutrition College Tsuji Gakuen Culinary and pastry College TSUJI Culinary Institute KINKI REHABILITATION COLLEGE Kindai University Otemon Gakuin University Kamakura Women’s University Kanto Rehabilitation College Kanto Gakuin University Kanto Judo Therapy College Kanagawa Beauty and Business College Kanto Acupuncture and Moxibustion College Kansai Beauty Pro College KANSAI HOIKU FUKUSHI Kansai Medical University Kansai University of International Studies Kansai University of Foreign Studies Kansai College of Business&Language Kansai University Kansai Women’s College Kwansei Gakuin University Kansai Social Welfare Training College Kansai University of Welfare Sciences Kansai Beauty College Kansai Culinary School Hannan University Hanwa Otori Automobile Technical College HIT ASAGAYA COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN - ASABI The University of Electro - Communications Aoyama Gakuin University AOYAMA TESHNICAL COLLEGE Juntendo University Shoei Junior College Kagawa College of Culinary and Confectionery Arts KORAN COLLEGE OF FASHION DESIGN Koran Women’s Junior College Komazawa Women’s University Komazawa Women’s Junior College Komazawa University SUNDAI TRAVEL & HOTEL COLLEGE Sundai Preparatory School SUNDAI Surugadai University Takachiho University TAKABI KOZU Takatsu Nursing College Tsurumi University Azabu Dental Academy Azabu University Aso Rehabilitation College aso public officer hukuoka college aso medical welfare and childcare hukuoka college Aso Foreignlanguage Tourism and Bridal College ASO COLLEGE OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY aso architecture and design college aso business computer hukuoka college aso beauty college Ryukoku University Ryukoku University Junior College aso pop culture college OCA OSAKA COLLEGE OF DESIGN AND IT TECHNOLOGY OCA OSAKA COLLEGE OF DESIGN AND IT TECHNOLOGY

We can also connect you with apartments for schools that may not be listed. Please contact us for more details.


We can also introduce you to rooms in other prefectures. Please contact us here.


Your new adventure in Japan starts with your new home!

  • Why do international students love Nasic?

    Search for a place to live while you're still overseas

    Leave it to Nasic to find a room for international students! Even before you enter Japan, you can complete the procedures at your home overseas until you move in. We will provide guidance and explanations in English and other languages, so you can live with peace of mind.

  • Why do international students love Nasic?

    Find a room that matches your preferences

    Nasic have "furnished rooms" or an "appliances rental service" for those who prefer to move in with few belongings. We can also introduce "rooms with meals included/rooms with a common lounge" to those who want ample services and facilities. We also offer reasonably priced rooms.

  • Why do international students love Nasic?

    No guarantor is needed for the contract.

    A personal guarantor is not necessary because you will be required to use a guarantor company when applying for a Nasic student apartment. The price may vary depending on the guarantor company or plan.

  • Why do international students love Nasic?

    No need to worry about preparing to move in!

    As part of our move-in guidance for international students, we will tell you the necessary information and things that must be done before moving in. This is very beneficial information if you will be living in Japan for the first time! You can fully prepare yourself and have a worry-free move-in day.

  • Why do international students love Nasic?

    Full lifestyle support is available

    We can provide you with information about SIM cards that allow you to get a Japanese phone number before your arrival and assist with essential set-up procedures such as electricity, gas, and water services.

  • Why do international students love Nasic?

    Find work in Japan

    Nasic introduces international students to various work opportunities from part-time job to permanent positions. You can improve your Japanese and basic workforce skills as you live in a Nasic room and work in Japan.

    Job introduction site "Nihon de shigoto sagashi" here


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    Contact for international student rental properties:NATIONAL STUDENTS INFORMATION CENTER CO., LTD.

    October - March: Open everyday / April - September: Closed Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

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